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Tree Name  Bantwal Baliga Family 



The original efforts of documenting the genealogy of the Baliga Family of Bantwal can be attributed to the Late Madhava Achutha Ramachandra Baliga.  He initiated the compilation of the Vamsha Vriksha (Family Tree) in 1917.


Late Narayana Pandu Narsayya Baliga continued Madhava Baliga’s work, dedicating his precious time and energy. Thanks to these great men, we have a comprehensive database of the Baliga family tree today. The Bantwal Baliga Trust® published the last edition of the paper-based Vamsha Vriksha in 1987.


Our initial plan was to publish an updated Book of Charts, under the auspices of the Bantwal Baliga Trust®.  However, we realized that it made better sense to maintain a software database of the family tree to accommodate the sheer volume of information, in addition to the dynamic nature of data that we would deal with, on a continuous basis.


We faced several challenges during our first attempt at making this information available online. The earlier version of the web edition did not permit us to make incremental changes. This meant, generating all the web pages for all of the family tree from scratch, every time there was an update. We have since then, upgraded to a better application that permits seamless updates.


Sincere thanks are due to Dr. Raghavendra Baliga (grandson of Sri Vaikunta Baliga the erstwhile speaker of Mysore state assembly) who sponsored the reconstruction of the website.


We hope that this web edition of the family tree will help you find your roots. Although it is our intent to ensure comprehensiveness of the database, there are bound to be a few oversights. Members who notice omissions of their families are requested to submit us their details for inclusion.


Individuals  4934 
Families  1728 
Owner  Gurudath Venkatraya Narasimha Baliga 
Address  4H 51 C, Main Road, Landlinks Township, Derebail Konchady 
State/Province  Karnataka 
Zip/Postal Code  575008 
Country  India 
E-mail Address 
Phone  +919901570447 

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