The Family:


We, Baligas of Bantwal are considered as one of the important families of Gaud Saraswath Community. With Kashyap as Gothra and Shri Damodar of Zambolim along with Shri Aryadurga of Ankola as Kuldevathas we observe Mdhava philosophy in our rituals and worship Panchayathana (5 Dieties) pattern.


Our ancestors might have come down to Bantwal in about 1650 - 1700 AD in search of a respectable living or a potential trading opportunity. My research provides me some indicators which suggest the possible migration of some traders from Basrur the historical port town near Kundapur to Bantwal. Baligas were prominent among these traders.


Earliest historical evidence referring to any Baligas of Bantwal is of 1747 AD which refers to one “Damarsa Bale” who I believe must be of 3rd or 4th generation of the original family who came down to Bantwal.


Our Family records pertaining to the rituals of Mahalaya PithruKarya show one Ramayya Bale as our original ancestor.


Bantwal has given our ancestors a secure confidence based on which they established trading activities and prospered. It is later in the 19th century, again some in the new generation of our ancestors moved out of Bantwal in search of better opportunities and educational quest.


Today we have spread across the world.


History repeats, But with new patterns.


Earlier there where Gadde Bales (Bales with paddy fields) and Pent-a-Bales (City Bales). Later there where Bank-a-Bales (Bank employees) and Vyar-a-Bales (Trading). Today we have Foreign Bales and domestic Bales.


In between all these classification there where lot of others who excelled in various other professions too.


We have some major families within us who are recognized with their new destinations. They are; 1. Punjalkatte Bales 2. Maranakatte Bales 3. Mavinkurve Bales 4. Bale Bhats of Manjeshwar.


Punjalkatte Baligas as their name suggests settled in Punjalkatte near Bantwal in late 18th or early 19th century. They flourished there in trading. Now their off springs are spread across the world.


Marankatte Baligas are acquired some land in Marankatte, which is about 25 K.Ms from Bantwal and settled there in the late 18th century. It is believed that Punjalkatte Baligas originally moved to Punjalakatte from Maranakatte.


Mavinkurave Baligas: Mavinkurve Baligas are believed to be of Bantwal Baliga lineage but lost touch with the original family in early 19th century. Some of their families are there in Mangalore and Belgaum.


Bale Bhats of Manjeshwar: It is during Shri Bhuvanendra Theertha Swamijis time, one Bantwal Baliga appointed as Bhat in Manjeshwar Temple for assisting main priest of the temple. Later his Descendants were called as Bale Bhats. Many of their family members are today spread across India and abroad. There are some families in Mangalore also.


We might be looking at one lineage of the Bantwal Baliga here in family records. There might even exist other families within Bantwal Baliga family which of a separate lineage other than that of Ramayya Baliga’s. Because there are some Baligas of Bantwal who presently reside in Mangalore and other places, believe that they are not of our family. Their Gothra and Kuldev is that of ours, they use Bantwal as their place of origin and they are Baligas. We do not find their lineage in our family tree. It does not mean they are not Bantwal Baligas.


This website belongs to them also. This website belongs to all Bantwal Baligas or Baligas with Kashyap Gothra and Shri Damodar as Kuldev. This is a request to them to participate in this project by contributing their family details.