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1 About Our Family
We, Baligas of Bantwal are considered as one of the important families of Gaud Saraswath Community. Let us know more about ourselves. 
2 Basrur Connection?
The Family of Bantwal Baligas traces its origin as any other Gaud Saraswath Family to Goa and to the banks of Saraswathi River. But between Goa and Bantwal, so far we do not have any clue about the possible migration track. Some evidences I stumbled upon recently shed some light in this path. Our ancestors were possibly from Basrur. 
3 Legend of Babbalo
Stories we heard about Babbalo-the-Manthrik, were our favorite bedtime stories in the childhood. Here is some. 
4 New Discovery
It's about a 16th century copper plate inscription which shed light on one of our ancestors who possibly one generation older than the original ancestor in the family records. 
5 Rao Bahaddoor Dr. B. Surendranath Baliga
Dr B S Baliga, late Curator, Madras Record Office (now Tamilnadu Archives), deserves to be remembered as the Architect of Madras Archives. During his tenure for nearly 25 years, he made the Madras Record Office an efficient instrument of service not only to the Government but also to all the research scholars from different parts of India and the world. He was the first trained archivist in India and did yeoman service to Tamilnadu in preserving records and public documents for public use by posterity. He was respected throughout India by all the academicians and scholars.  
6 Shri Tirumala Venkatramana Temple, Bantwal
The 16th century Temple at Bantwal has its own story to tell us. 
7 Surname Blog
Its about our surname Baliga, it's derivation and history. 
8 The Town of Bantwal
Our town of Origin, people and the history. 

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